Would you Sleep in This Shark Suite? (7 photos)


Would you sleep in this shark suite?
French design agency Ubi Bene has collaborated with airbnb on an underwater accommodation — not suitable for the faint of heart. 360 degree transparent glass walls encircle a round bed, small side tables, and a bookshelf, offering a panoramic view of 35 live sharks swimming in the surrounding abyss. Designed specifically for the Paris Aquarium, the room is submerged 10 meters deep within 3 million liters of water, completely immersing guests in a subaquatic spatial experience. Visitors will have the chance to intimately get to know their ‘roommates’ alongside host Fred Buyle, a freediver and underwater photographer, who will provide an introduction to the often misunderstood life of sharks, and how they are essential to the ecosystem of the oceans.
Images via: Ubi Bene