Vintage Los Angeles in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (24 photos)


Pantages Theater Hollywood Blvd 1965 Hollywood California

Munsters and their car Santa Monica Blvd 1964 With Dr Beauch

Miracle Mile Mayco LA 1950s

KPOL radio station on Sunset Blvd 1976

Andersons Restaurant Los Angeles 1964

1977 Broadway and 7th st Los Angeles

1970s Looking toward Biltmore Hotel across Pershing Square Los Angeles

1965 RCA Radio Corporation of America Building Sunset Blvd

1965 Pershing Square and Los Angeles

1965 Hollywood Blvd

1954 Wilshire Blvd The Town House Building

1954 Los Angeles Wilshire Blv

1954 Los Angeles Rex Arms building Mobilgas building

1954 Los Angeles Carnation Building Kress building

1954 Brown Derby Los Angeles

1941 Westwood Village West Los Angeles California

1941 Westwood Village West Los Angeles California

1940s Ralphs in Westwood Village Los Angeles