Vintage Cars with Propellers… (30 photos)


So you think the airscrew is strictly for planes? Guess again. Look at these mighty prop-driven machines created by some of the most talented engineers and designers the world ’round. Sure, they can’t fly, but their twisted blades help them wade through water, ice, snow, mud, glide on rails, and rule the road.

521 Leyat Helicar (1922), Created by inventor Marcel Leyat based on the Cote d’Azur. With a shortage of manufacturing materials following WW1 Leyat pioneered the production of laminated propellers. With an interest in both aviation and automobiles he experimented in adapting aircraft technology to cars, photo by Robert Knight

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Sizaire-Berwick Wind Wagon” from 1905


Count Bertrand de Lesseps demonstrates his Auto Aero in 1912,(photo: National Photo Museum, Beaulieu, via)

French engineer Marcel Leyat designed many “Helica” propeller-powered cars between 1913 and 1926,via Anthony Smith

Advertising and postcard images c.1926