Unique photographs of Freddie Mercury with his close friend Jim Hutton… (15 photos)


The singer Freddie Mercury is known with his amazing and unforgettable voice. He is also remembered for his battle with AIDS –he was diagnosed with it in 1987. AIDS was a cause of his death in 1991. Despite the fact that the world lost Mercury while he was young, he was not lonely when died. Starting from 1985 and till the day of his death Mercury was always accompanied by his good friend Jim Hutton.

It was Mercury, who first noticed Hutton after meeting him in a club in 1984. Mercury offered him a drink, but Hutton refused, being unaware of Mercury’s fame. He was close with someone else at that time. Eighteen months later they met again, and Hutton accepted an invitation. They started to date, and a couple of years later Hutton moved to the Mercury’s house, which was known as the Garden Lodge.

Hutton remained devoted to Mercury even after he was diagnosed with AIDS, though Mercury said that he would understand if they separated. Hutton stayed and took care of him till the last breath. Mercury called Jim his husband and both wore rings.

Mercuty shielded his life from public view and preferred to stay private, but Hutton shared the photographs from his own collection. The photographs appeared in memoires named “Mercury and Me”. Revealing and intimate chronics of their love story that lasted all these years. Mercury and Hutton are depicted in the moments of celebration, holidays, giving hugs to their cat.
Hutton was also diagnosed with AIDS. He died in 2010 from illness related to smoking.