Top 10 Real Life Cases of Feral Children..


9.The Bird Boy, Russia, 2008.
Prava was a young kid of 7 who was discovered back in 2008. He was living in the nation of Russia inside of an apartment where his mother kept thousands of birds in their place. Prava’s mother treated him like he was a bird. She only communicated with in chirps. She did not pass on her language to him. As a result, the boy never fully developed. Eventually, authorities took Prava from his mother and placed him in an institution for psychological care.

10.Marina Chapman.
Kidnappings are a huge problem in Central and Southern America. The nation of Colombia has experienced its fair share of problems with this crime. Marina Chapman was a victim of this type of criminal activity. She was kidnapped at the age 5 and left to die in the jungle. However, the girl survived. She learned how to live like the monkeys.
Eventually, she was discovered in the forests by some hunters. They sold the girl to a brothel, but she got away and ended up living on the streets. The girl was then captured by a mafia family that wanted to solicit her to buyers. A neighbor helped to rescue her from this problem. She eventually found happiness and the ability to live like normal people. Currently, she lives inside of the United Kingdom and has made a book called the Girl with No Name which is a best seller within the U.K.