Top 10 Real Life Cases of Feral Children..


7.Oxana Malaya.
Back in 1991 within the Ukraine a young girl by the name of Oxana Malaya was found living with dogs inside of a kennel. She, unfortunately, had alcoholic parents that left her outside when she was just 3. She lived in this condition for six years. She only learned two words in her child hood and that was yes and no. She had to undergo intensive therapy change. Once she did, she became a normal productive member of society. She now works with animals as a career.

The land of India is known for many things, and feral children have been discovered on a frequent basis within this country. Shamdeo was a newly discovered feral child from the early 70s. When people found him, he was out in the forests living among the wolves. He had matted hair and sharpened fingernails. Calluses covered his hands and knees. He ate raw meat and blood. He never learned to speak but was able to understand some sign language. Young Shamdeo eventually died in 1985 as a young man. He never fully adjusted to modern life.