Top 10 Real Life Cases of Feral Children..


Many people might be surprised to discover that there are real life people who exist in the wild among animals and nature. Tarzan and Mowgli stories are not just the stuff of fiction. Throughout the last 200 years that have been many reported cases of people growing up with animals. These individuals have been discovered, and many of them have been placed back into society. The following information will describe real life cases involving feral children and how their lives turned out after they were discovered.

The Wild Boy of Aveyron.
He was known as the wild boy of France since he was discovered in the southern backwoods part of the country in 1800. The Wild Boy of Aveyron was found with lots of scars, and he could not make intelligible sounds. No one knew how or why he ended up in those woods, but they did discover some amazing things about the feral boy they dubbed “Victor”.
He had an amazing ability not to feel cold like most people do. It was this ability that helped him to stay alive for many years. Many French scientists and psychologists tried to get Victor to behave normally but they were not successful. Eventually, they just institutionalized the boy and he died during his 40th year of life.

2.The Monkey Boy.
John Ssebunya is known as the Monkey Boy of Uganda. He was discovered during the early 90s. When his father and mother were killed during an inter-tribal conflict, Ssebuynya hid in the jungle to save his life. He eventually made a connection with the monkeys and learned their ways. He was only 4 when all of this took place.
By the time he was found he was 6-years-old. The child survived by eating roots and berries. The boy was completely covered with hair and had severe intestinal worms. He eventually was civilized and learned how to speak. Then he learned how to sing, and in 2016 he is still alive performing with a child’s musical choir in the United Kingdom.

Ivan Mishukov.
Ivan was an abused child who decided to run away when he was four years of age. He did not live in the open country or wilderness like many other feral children. Instead, he remained behind in the city to beg for food. Over time, the dogs on the streets learned to trust him, and this young boy eventually became their pack leader.
He lived this way for two years before someone realized that he was homeless and placed him in a public children’s home. Young Ivan readjusted to society and are now living a normal life. All of this took place in the late 90s and early 2000s within Russia.