Top 10 most dangerous biker gangs in the USA..


Have you ever heard of motorcycle gangs in the United States? Beyond the cliché of the beefy biker tattooed, dressed in leather, inconvenient and with a huge mustache, what are these bands actually and are they necessarily related to crime?

Although Americans have long parodied, caricatured or exaggerated the biker culture with such literary productions as Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, or television series like Sons of Anarchy, there are actually biker clubs out there. – which, every year, come to swell statistics related to organized crime in the United States.

99% of bikers are honest in the United States, the remaining 1% is largely made up of real assailants. These have been a scourge for the federal government since the 1960s.

To date, there is a profusion of motorcycle clubs (MC) on both US shores. Some of these clubs have become real cartels for drug trafficking. They often operate close to the Canadian or Mexican border and in many cases are indirectly linked to racketeering, assault or even murder.
We offer a selection of the 10 most dangerous biker gangs in the United States.

                   1. Warlocks.

The Warlocks have such a bad reputation that even many of their compatriots deny them and do not want them in the United States anymore. The gang has a history that is intimately linked to all forms of extreme violence. We know, for example, that they commit crimes such as the aggression of rival gang leaders or the killing of police officers. The Warlocks are very active in Pennsylvania and Florida and operate in the trafficking of drugs such as amphetamines.

Territory: Orlando, Florida
Staff: about 300 members