The Winners of Andrei Stenin Photo Contest 2019 (30 photos)


Red-hot court by Alexei Filippov from Russia. Sports, series, 2nd place.

Walking with Fire: Going Beyond by Justin Sullivan from South Africa. My Planet, series, 2nd plac

Vera’s Seasons by Tatyana Tkachyova from Belarus. Portrait. A Hero of Our Time, series, 2nd place.

And Life Rises by Younes Khani Someeh Soflaei from Iran. Top News, series, 2nd place.

The White Mountain Anas Kamaol from Egypt. My Planet, series, 3rd place.

Marii El dwellers in the Ural region wear folk costumes by Fyodor Telkov from Russia. Portrait. A Hero of Our Time, series, 3rd place.

A Dire Desperation For Safety by Ahmed Mashruk from Bangladesh. Top News, series, 3rd place.

Boxgirls, Kenya by Luis Tato from Spain. Sports, series, 3rd place.