The horror of the Martian invasion illustrated for the first time… (8 images)


Everyone knows the scenes of Martian invasion from the War of the Worlds by Herbert Wells, where the gigantic tripods are destroying the city and grabbing people. Bud did you know, who had drawn them for the first time, setting the tone for the whole century ahead? Who realised the scenes of the book, which were repeated in movies, games, and other books many times?

A Brazilian artist Enrike Alvim Correa (1875-1910) made illustrations for one of the earliest editions of the War of the Worlds (in this case – for the Belgian edition). This artwork or the sketches inspired the artist in the creation of the final illustrations.

The book cover and the flight to the Earth

The first contact and the attack on the homes.

The Martians in the forest and in the Thames Valley.

The gas gun and the Martian flying car.

The Martian robot and abduction.

Martians looking at the drunk crowd.

The broken car. People are crashing the Martian cars.