The Biggest Ships Parade In The World – SAIL Amsterdam (11 photos)


The Biggest Ships Parade In The World – SAIL_Amsterdam – Netherlands

SAIL Amsterdam is maritime event in Amsterdam in the Netherlands which takes place every five years.



Sail Amsterdam; one of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam and the biggest ships parade in the world. Ships, just like men and women, arrive from all around the world to participate, experience, and watch the ships parade that cruise into the great city every five years. It truly is the greatest and biggest event of any kind in the whole of the Netherlands.

Sail Amsterdam was first organised in 1975. The reason for the event was the 700th year anniversary of Amsterdam. At that time, the interest in tall ships started rising. It hadn’t been that high since the 1930s, when the last commercial tall ships had set sail.

Tens of tall ships are included in the parade, but what’s even more interesting is the hundreds of historical ships showing up. One such ship is the Norwegian “Sørlandet,” which is the oldest full rigged ship still in operation, as well as being a Norwegian heritage vessel.

There’s a lot to do during SAIL Amsterdam. The city centre area is split into zones, with each zone hosting its own themed events. One doesn’t have to get out on the water to have something to do during the event, that’s for sure. There’s a SAIL Music Marina program, where concerts are held. Some of these concerts are by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and many pop artists arrive to perform. The programs even finish off with fireworks in the end of the night.

If you are interested in the ships, then you have all the more reason to stay down by the water. Something is always happening there. Of course, the fact that there’s tens of tall ships, hundreds of historical ships, and thousands of other ships, makes it obvious that it’s a paradise for men, women and children interested in ships. In the 2000 edition for example, a total of about 8000 ships found their way into the North Sea canal to moor in Amsterdam’s IJhaven.

Having mentioned that lesser events taking place during the festival, there are some that are worth mentioning on their own. These lesser events involve small sailboats, re-enactments of naval battles and sailor choirs.

The Sail in, sometimes called the Parade of Sail, is an event happening on the first day. This event attracts tons of small ships, including creations that will leave you in awe. On the next to last day there is a similar event called the “Sail out,” where everyone sails out of the canal again. Both are interesting and super exciting to take a look at.

Amsterdam’s history is very connected to water, and the city itself still is. The beautiful canal landscape has officially been protected since 1999, and it’s been there for over 400 years. It was even added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2010. There is really no question; the locals are deeply connected to the sea, to the rivers, and to ships. You will with certainty notice this if you ever decide to visit the city, whether it’s during SAIL Amsterdam, or any other time.

The SAIL foundation is always trying to make the next event better than the one before it. So, if you think the latest event from 2015 looks exciting, you can be assured that the one being held in 2020 will be even better.