Rare Images of the Korean War (1950-1953) from Both Sides… (40+ photos)

A 25th Division tank uses a flame thrower on an enemy pillbox deeply emplaced in a hillside near Korea’s Han River front on March 30, 1951. (AP Photo)

British Royal Marines Commandos, put ashore by a U.S. naval vessel deep in the heart of North Korea, plant demolition charges along an enemy rail track on April 13, 1951 near Songjin, South Korea during a daring daylight raid. About 100 yards of the vital Chinese Communist rail line were destroyed within a few miles of two enemy divisions. (AP Photo)

Thatched huts go up in flames after B-26 bombers unload napalm bombs on an enemy supply collection point near Hanchon in North Korea on May 10, 1951. (AP Photo)

Wearied by long marches on foot, a Turkish U.N. solider sits astride a mule he took from an enemy soldier in Korea on May 5, 1951. He ambushed the advancing Chinese and grabbed the mule for use in directing stragglers to the rear in ruins of Uijongbu during the recent communist offensive. (AP Photo/Robert Schutz)

Three Korean Communists in a fishing boat are captured by the USS Manchester off the coast of Korea. May 10, 1951. (U.S. Department of Defense/U.S. Navy)

Columns of light stab the night as U.S. rockets thunder toward Communist-held targets in Wonsan, Korean port city on July 1, 1951. The fire trails brilliantly lit the ship and could be followed by sight as they struck their targets. (AP Photo/DOD)