Rare Images of the Korean War (1950-1953) from Both Sides… (40+ photos)


With her brother on her back a war weary Korean girl tiredly trudges by a stalled M-26 tank, at Haengju, Korea. June 9, 1951. (U.S. Navy/Maj. R.V. Spencer, UAF)

North Korean combatants in Seoul during the Korean War. 2.25.1950.

A U.S. Marine tank follows a line of prisoners of war down a village street. September 26, 1950. (U.S. Department of Defense/U.S. Marine Corps/S. Sgt. John Babyak, Jr.)

Tank landing ships unload at Inchon on September 15, 1950. American forces landed in Inchon Harbor one day after Battle of Inchon began.

These South Korean recruits, sitting flat car for transfer to a training center, are heading for the army and the war against the North Korean invaders. They were given a flag-waving, band-playing send-off on July 17, 1950. (AP Photo)

North Korea SoldiersIn this undated photo from North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency, distributed by Korea News Service, mechanized units from the (North) Korean People’s Army enter the city of Taejon during the Korean War. (Photo: Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP Images)