Stunning photographs from ‘Raindrop Blues Project’ by an Italian photographer Alessio Trerotoli (20 photos)


“The rain washes memories off the sidewalk of life”, Woody Allen said in a old movie. Raindrops, like in a blues song, fall with a repetitive but fascinating rhythm, awakening, as they were called in XVII century, the “blue demons”: a suffused sensation of melancholia. Raindrop Blues Project tries to dip the viewer in a sort of oneiric reality, where the rain seems to fall on everyone, creating evocative images where every element – the street, the sky, the characters, the viewer – is involved in a romantic and, in the same time, melancholic feeling. As Bob Marley said, when it rains some “feel” the rain, others just get wet.
Raindrop Blues Project by an Italian photographer Alessio Trerotoli.

Old Boy.

Red Umbrella.


Woman in red

Blue Monday.


Feelin’ Blue.