6 Oldest Organisms On The Verge Of Extinction…

  Rachel Sussman made photo series of organisms that are populating our planet the longest among all living. Rachel traveled around the world taking pictures in desserts, the middle of oceans to capture the oldest and rarest organisms. It is worth to scroll through

Surreal Metaphysics of Alienation: Georgio de Chirico (12 images)

Giorgio de Chirico was a pioneer in the revival of Classicism that flourished into a Europe-wide phenomenon in the 1920s. In the paintings of his metaphysical period, de Chirico developed a repertoire of motifs—empty arcades, towers, elongated shadows, mannequins, and trains among others—that he

Forbidden World of Egon Schiele (16 images)

Egon Schiele (1890 – 1918) was an Austrian painter. A protégé of Gustav Klimt, Schiele was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. His work is noted for its intensity and its raw sexuality, and the many self-portraits the artist produced, including

Unique 19th Century Books’ Fore-Edge Paintings

  There is an entire collection hid in the University of Iowa archives. The first fore-edge painting was created in 1650s, the idea was to hide a painting on the edge of a book, which can be seen only when all pages are together

15 Extinct Professions of the Past Which Are Gone Today

  Technological development usually makes our lives easier eliminating human intervention in many fields, but in the same time it is taking away someone’s job, sometimes even forever. Therefore we have listed below 15 jobs that were taken away by the technology. Knocker-uppers We

History Of The World Cup Ball In 20 Pictures

  FIFA World Cup takes its roots back in 1930 and already then lots of discussions around the subject were created. The main issue was the ball choice as there was no universal shape accepted. For the final match between Argentina and Uruguay it