Evil Owls in Hieronymus Bosch’s Artworks…

  Hieronymus Bosch is known for his mystical, scary and realistic reflections of hell, heaven and other religious subjects so detailed that one could only envy or admire the talent. On of the most common detail that is present in his works is a

Weird Reality Of René Magritte (14 Paintings)

  It is always interesting to observe someone’s first encounter with René Magritte. Artist’s surreal paintings are confusing, he tended to reflect ordinary objects in strange context breaking rules of a common reality perception. Titles of paintings are often even more confusing and can

22 Inhuman Weapons That Are Banned In War

  War causes a lot of hatred, and a wish for revenge can inspire invention of severe weapons, which might be too dangerous or severely painful. Therefore states have agreed on a list of banned weapons.  

1910s-2010s: 100 Years of Beauty Standards…

  Even though it’s said that everyone has its own beauty there always will be a standard that is considered the one and only. Development does not stay at one place for long therefore changes everything around us as well. Same happens with beauty

35 Secrets of Playboy Founder Revealed…

  Hugh Hefner doesn’t know what lack of attention is, his life has always arose interest among public. He is the Playboy symbol, could we call him PlayHefner? Below are facts, that have not been published before, revealing an ordinary but still mysterious for

The Most Popular Movie Of Your Birth Year…

  Your birth year is not known only by your birth, there definitely was a movie everyone was talking about and, perhaps, your name was even inspired by it. Let’s scroll down 40 years back to find out! 2015: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force

10 First Ladies That Have Outshined Their Husbands

  First Ladies are always on public, they have to look perfect and serve as role models for everyone in social activities, family or fashion. Some are better at this than others. Below we can see a result of when charm, intelligence, style and