27 The Best Drone Photographs of 2017..

Drones have allowed photographers to explore perspectives previously only available to those with access to airplanes and helicopters. Their relative ease of use and increasingly cheaper costs have revolutionized photography for professionals and amateurs alike. Below there are works of © SkyPixel Photo Contest

The Dionne Quintuplets Who Spent Their Childhood In A Zoo..

On May 28, 1934 in Canada in the province of Ontario, Mrs. Dionne gives birth to five little girls. Born two months in advance, all survived miraculously, experienced immediate popularity but were victims of commercial exploitation. The five Dionne sisters are Annette, Cecile, Yvonne,

Top 10 most dangerous biker gangs in the USA..

Have you ever heard of motorcycle gangs in the United States? Beyond the cliché of the beefy biker tattooed, dressed in leather, inconvenient and with a huge mustache, what are these bands actually and are they necessarily related to crime? Although Americans have long

The 12 most expensive paintings in the history of humanity..

The world of art inspires, encourages and stimulates creativity. Art is an incredible way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions… There are many experienced artists or painters who have shown their charismatic creations in unforgettable and unmissable ways. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo