15 Extinct Professions of the Past Which Are Gone Today

  Technological development usually makes our lives easier eliminating human intervention in many fields, but in the same time it is taking away someone’s job, sometimes even forever. Therefore we have listed below 15 jobs that were taken away by the technology. Knocker-uppers We

History Of The World Cup Ball In 20 Pictures

  FIFA World Cup takes its roots back in 1930 and already then lots of discussions around the subject were created. The main issue was the ball choice as there was no universal shape accepted. For the final match between Argentina and Uruguay it

Famous Magazines’ First Covers (30 Images)

  Playboy, 1953 Time, 1923 People, 1974 Rolling Stone, 1967 Glamour, 1939 New Yorker 1925 Wired, 1993 Esquire, 1933 National Geographic, 1888 New York Magazine, 1968 TV Guide, 1953 Harper’s Bazaar, 1867 Sports Illustrated, 1954 Nintendo Power, 1988 Vogue, 1893 Newsweek, 1933 Tiger Beat,

Princess Diana (24 facts and photos)

  It’s been already 20 years since Diana is not among us, but many memories are left in people’s hearts and even more in photos. Diana was the the youngest child in the family, she was born on the 1st of July in 1961.