Hilda, a Plus-Sized Pinup Star from the 50s (10 Pics)

Feminine beauty of American media in the 50s does not always mean a typical subtle seductive Pinup Girl. Illustrator Duane Bryers (1911-2012) introduced curvy Hilda, a plus-sized pinup star and proved so. Hilda, though missing some clothes, never loses her charm and sense of

Provocative Messages of Waldemar Von Kazak (20 pics)

Illustrations of Russian artist Waldemar von Kazak are inspired by mid 20th-century media art, pin-ups and eternal subjects, such as relationship between men & women and social troubles. Von Kazak shares memory from his childhood, when he got trauma from a swing: “I began

30 Pictures of Bullet Bras Which Ruled in the 40s & 50s…

In stylish period from 1940 till 1950 Hollywood actresses – famous sweater girls introduced fashion of wearing tight sweaters over a cone pointy underwear or bullet-shaped bra. The trend was reborn in the 90s by such designers as Jean Paul Gaultier and vintage lingerie