The Biggest Celebrities’ Photo Fails (16 photos)

    Usually celebrity photo-shoots is a task for huge teamwork of professionals. Costumes, background even face expressions of celebrities – everything has to be flawless and smallest details have to be thought out well. However, sometimes embarrassing fails tend to happen. The blame

29 Hollywood Kisses That Have Stolen The Show

  All images listed in the post credit: ©EVERETT COLLECTION Hollywood serves us examples of the most romantic kisses which lift butterflies in one crazy dance. Well played or real, chemistry between the actors have been and still is an inspiration starting with the

20 Most Interesting Documentaries That Are Worth Your Time

Stories about people and phenomena from an unexpected perspective demonstrate diversity of life in all its manifestations placing the documentaries reflecting it in the must see list. There is no place for fantasy and fiction in the work or documentarists. Majority of documentaries are

7 Silly Ideas That Made People Ridiculously Rich

    1. Million Dollar Homepage Given: 1 000 000 pixels Result: One pixel per dollar Possibly one of the most silliest ideas in online business, nevertheless 21 years old Alex Tew became a millionaire by selling every pixel of his homepage.

10 Highest Grossing Movies of All Time

  We all enjoy going to the movies but what almost never come to our minds is that upon our decision depends revenue the movie will bring to its creators. In case if for the director main part is self-expression, then for producers on

8 Strangest And Funniest Guinness Records

  People are ready to do everything for fame. To conquer the space, make crazy jumps into abyss, builds mind-blowing career, climbs inaccessible mountains. For some fame becomes a goal of life no matter what. 61 years ago, August 1955, the first Guinness book