Vibrant pink world of Lee Sol (34 images))

Korean graphic artist Lee Sol creates surreal 3D-rendered scenes by combining classical sculpture iconography with modern design and architectural elements. Known as venusmansion on Instagram, the artist likes to feature vibrant pink sculptures in various costumes and situations as well as add a touch

Fading dream by Kyle Stewart (8 images)

Memories are often distorted by emotion. When Kyle Stewart began painting his memories of nature, the details became transformed by the passage of time, affected by sentiment and his new urban environment. Living in downtown Toronto, the shapes and colours found on the graffiti

Awkward Interactions by Kevin Sloan (17 images)

Kevin Solan‘s current works are allegorical depictions of what occurs when the natural and man-made worlds meet. He created a body of work that speaks about our modern technological environment and simultaneously presents images of natural beauty and mystery. In these tableaus, the natural