Top 10 Real Life Cases of Feral Children..

Many people might be surprised to discover that there are real life people who exist in the wild among animals and nature. Tarzan and Mowgli stories are not just the stuff of fiction. Throughout the last 200 years that have been many reported cases

Bike Girls by Loomis Dean, LIFE Magazine ‘1949 (21 photos)

Thanks to the LIFE photo archives, there’s thousands of images from America’s history catalogued by photographer, date, and subject. Loomis Dean lived from 1917 to 2005 and captured everything from Circus Clowns to Hollywood stars in his five decade long photography career.

Dolls And Masks by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (26 photos)

Meatyard was born in Normal, Illinois and raised in the nearby town of Bloomington, Illinois. When he turned 18 during World War II, he joined the Navy. The war ended before he received any overseas assignments. After being mustered out, he briefly studied Pre-Dentistry,

Mutant Faces by Can Pekmedir (9 pics)

Can Pekmedir, born in 1982, working and living in Istanbul. Worked as a full time instructor in Visual Communication Design Department of İstanbul Bilgi University between 2006 and 2012. Now working as a part-time instructor at Bahçeşehir University. Coincidence and failed experiences are at

Super Cool Vintage Cameras… (30 photos)

Sylvain, a photography enthusiast, who has created an impressive online archive comprising photos of nearly 10,000 vintage cameras. A gigantic task that we share with you today. Surely, this will delight photography lovers!

Bizarre 1950s Body Jewelry (9 photos)

So, who knew there was a trend for body jewelry in the 50s? These photos are from 1951 of ‘Cling’ jewelry, which presumably was somehow stuck to your skin rather than pierced into your skin! Image source and copyright: Time LIFE archives