Mystic symbols: photography by Laura Makabresku (25 photos)

Laura Makabresku (born in 1987; lives in Krakow) is a Polish visual artist and photographer. Her photographs are overflown with mystic symbols and the atmosphere of fairy tales. Close to the surrealistic aesthetics, she creates visual methaphores concerning eroticism and death. source

Most Absurd Clothing.. (40 photos)

The whole idea of buying a piece of clothing is that it will serve an important function in your life — so why are there so many that do nothing but baffle the mind? Check out these ridiculous clothing items that will leave you

Modelling for Turners in 1960 (25 photos)

Tyne and Wear Archives presents a set of images taken by the Newcastle-based firm Turners (Photography) Ltd. They were taken by the firm on is own account for possible use in their advertising campaigns. Turners frequently hired models to help promote their work and