Ordinary women repeated the provocative Jennifer Lopez photo


The beautiful Jennifer Lopez, choosing to release a very revealing dress that showed the world that in 49 years you can have a excellent body. But the pop diva uses expensive resources to care for the body and can afford the best fitness trainer. A look like ordinary women in 49 years in the same erotic outfit.

Several beautiful and confident women decided to recreate the famous j-Lo and was photographed in the original green dress with revealing slits. What came out of it? See for yourself.

1. Claire David (Claire, David).

Today Claire is wearing clothing that corresponds to the 50 size on the Russian dimensional grid, and most recently, in 2016, she could barely fit in the 62. After the surgery, which helped her get closer to its ideal, David’s not going to stop – she continues to lose weight and struggle with excess skin.

2. Hanska Yumiko (Yumiko Hanaska).

Charming female teacher of the British capital admitted that they would love to look like Jennifer Lopez. Yumiko says that in 20 years almost did not think about the figure and looked great. Today, in order to keep fit, woman does yoga and horse riding.

3. Julian Formicola (Juliana Formicola).

Julian works as a teacher, and admits that now he feels better and more confident than when she was twenty. She trains every day and generally happy with her body, but she, like many other women, mind a small tummy.

4. Sarah Foul, Addo (Sarah Fola Eddo).

Maybe these photos will help women to take a fresh look at his body, re-evaluate and make bodily flaws that everyone has.