Japanese Guy Has Mastered the Art of Gravity-Defying Coin Stacking (10 photos)



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Tanu, a Japanese Twitter user @thumb_tani, has fascinated many with his mastery in the art of balance. Using his clear understanding of equilibrium, he creates small, amazing sculptures through careful positioning of coins. Though many people have tried the same style of stacking coins, Tanu’s arrangement skill and precision takes the art to a whole new level.

To ensure he perfectly creates intricate structures with different shapes and sizes, Tanu uses a variety of coin denominations. He begins by building string base using staggered coins and then proceeds to do the impossible. He stands the coins (of varying denominations) upright and places them edge-to-edge without any of the discs falling, leave alone wobbling. The things Tanu does on site can simply make you hold your breath for a minute. To make it even more interesting and epic, he can sometimes stack more coins or other objects on top of the upright standing coins.

The ever precarious coin sculptures look like they could come tumbling down at any moment but that’s not the case. Tanu can create any structure from simple but well crafted edge-to-edge standing coins, building all through to DNA structure using the conventional coins. The result is a neat looking construction that is awe inspiring. It’s definitely great to think that coming up with such genius masterpiece can be done using average everyday things like coins.