Installation Mass by Ron Mueck: 100 gigantic skulls filled vast museum halls (15 photos)


Australian artist Ron Mueck presented his biggest installation Mass, which consists of 100 monumental skulls. Impressive and ominous skulls fill the galleries’ space, where each skilfully placed in the total mass.
Ron Mueck, famous with his hyperrealistic sculptures, foregoes his own manner to work and concentrates on what remains after corpses have decomposed. Mass crawls through the 18th century’s gallery space like a glacier over the surface of the earth, expelling noble lords and ladies and reminds us about our destinies, shares the artist.

The contemporary sculptor plays with memento mori, the Medieval Christian theory and observation of mortality, which charmed such artists as Bernini to artists like Picasso starting from the 17th century. The scale and the size are impressive – each skull is about 5 feet high. While plunging into the sea of skulls, it is impossible to avoid the contradiction between the beauty of the form and depth of the meaning.
Each hand-made skull is a tribute to Mueck’s creative commitment to preciseness. Slight variations of a form make each skull stand out of 100, adding realism to a surrealistic image. Mass is only one part of the Triennial, where 100 artists from 32 countries take part.