Digital Calculators & Other Steampunk Gear (20+ photos)


Antique Digital Calculators by Andy Aaron.

Aaron Adding Machine

The ‘Nixie tubes” alarm clock (built by Georg Holderied)

Want to know if there is a PROBLEM somewhere in your life? Patrick Kovacich made this one-of-a-kind “problem light” (taking further the idea of a smoke alarm; see his flickr set)

iPod with Gears, created by Colin Thompson for Gelaskins,(image credit Gela-Skins)

Steampunk Watches are in a category of their own. There are many stylish “Victorian”-looking watches,(image credit: Zedomax)

Watches by Haruo Suekichi,(image credit: Watchismo)

Some vintage cameras are “steampunk-ish” enough not to require any additional tinkering. This Le Coultre Compass Camera, for example, was made in the 1930s, (images credit: Ignomini)

Japanese case mods by Richard Nagy (aka Datamancer)

The “writing machine” art, which looks (almost) like vintage laptop technology, (image credit: Jack/Portal23)

“La Pavoni 16 cup Romantica espresso machine” (top left image) and a wonderful brass coffee siphon (bottom left),(image credit: Raf-Munja)

Art by Leo and Diane Dillon