Could Your Marriage Pass This 1930s Quiz – 1930s Marriage Quiz



There is no universal rule that says what is a good marriage, nevertheless there is always some kind of a standard. People don`t stop the search for a perfect formula.
Northwestern University’s George W. Crane, Ph.D and M.D. developed a Marital Rating Scale dividing it in two columns with positive and negative characteristics back in 1939 .
He stated out features of a good wife/husband with a single list of bullet-points for each partner. Nowadays it might seem strange and perhaps even unacceptable, however it is worth to check it and find a good suggestion or realize that you indeed are perfect partner, or just have a good laugh.


Husband’s List:
In short, a husband can behave as a true caveman, and in the same time he has to be the one who should educate wife, as for example, read out-loud to her.


Wife’s List:

A woman has to be a good housewife and mistress to her husband, she has more responsibilities than the husband does, for example, wife cannot skip church on Sunday morning while husband is allowed to have a good sleep.