Combining Surrealism, Dada and Pop Art: art works by Nancy Fouts… (18 images)


American-born artist Nancy Fouts is best known for her distinctive sculptural works, which reconfigure commonplace objects and materials with a characteristically playful and provocative humour. Combining Surrealism, Dada and Pop Art, her work brings together seemingly disconnected objects and ideas to revel in the inherent strangeness of the everyday.
Nancy Fouts has a great sense of humour. She has openly called Salvador Dalí a prick and she sums up the difference between her and Banksy as “he can afford to buy my work, but I can’t afford to buy his”

Case, Pipes

Piano, grass.

Resin cast handgrenade, egg.

Taxidermy budgie, pipe, egg.

Giclee print on archival paper