Colour Photos Of 60’s Women Fashion Taken By Norman Parkinson (50 photos)

Norman Parkinson, (1913 – 1990) was a celebrated English portrait and fashion photographer. Parkinson (birth name Ronald William Parkinson Smith) was born in London, and educated at Westminster School. He began his career in 1931 as an apprentice to the court photographers, Speaight and Sons Ltd. From 1945 to 1960 he was employed as a

Halloween (1978): 25+ behind the scenes photos..

When writing about horror films, no list is complete without John Carpenter’s 1978 independent horror film Halloween. The film has been credited as the first in a long line of slasher films (which were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho) but unlike many of its imitators, Halloween contains little graphic violence and gore. The film was

50+ Colour Photographs Of London In Early 1970s…

All we know about these fascinating photos of London in 1972 is that they were more than likely taken by an American tourist. They are from the collection of Glen F who has a fabulous collection on Flickr and who says of the photos: I’ve found that Americans tend to take pics of ‘mundane’ things

Vintage Cars with Propellers… (30 photos)

So you think the airscrew is strictly for planes? Guess again. Look at these mighty prop-driven machines created by some of the most talented engineers and designers the world ’round. Sure, they can’t fly, but their twisted blades help them wade through water, ice, snow, mud, glide on rails, and rule the road.

G.L.O.W: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling of 1980s (14 photos)

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as GLOW or G.L.O.W., was a women’s professional wrestling promotion begun in 1986 (the pilot was filmed in December 1985) and continued in various forms after it left television. Colorful characters, strong women, and over-the-top comedy sketches were integral to the series’ success. Most of the performers were actresses,