10 Masterpieces of Art Lost in the Second World War

  Chaos taking over the world during the World War II gave an advantage to art thieves to enrich their own collections or wallets. Adolf Hitler was actually encouraging the looting as he had a dream to create European Art museum no matter the means and the collection was growing with the number of states

Could Your Marriage Pass This 1930s Quiz – 1930s Marriage Quiz

  There is no universal rule that says what is a good marriage, nevertheless there is always some kind of a standard. People don`t stop the search for a perfect formula. Northwestern University’s George W. Crane, Ph.D and M.D. developed a Marital Rating Scale dividing it in two columns with positive and negative characteristics back in

15 Extinct Professions of the Past Which Are Gone Today

  Technological development usually makes our lives easier eliminating human intervention in many fields, but in the same time it is taking away someone’s job, sometimes even forever. Therefore we have listed below 15 jobs that were taken away by the technology. Knocker-uppers We all set alarms on our smartphones, those who trust technology less

History Of The World Cup Ball In 20 Pictures

  FIFA World Cup takes its roots back in 1930 and already then lots of discussions around the subject were created. The main issue was the ball choice as there was no universal shape accepted. For the final match between Argentina and Uruguay it was decided that one team chooses a ball for the first

20 Crazy Inventions Of The Past That Leave Only One Question – Why?

  The 20th century has brought a lot of inventions that turned upside down our lives: a television, a computer or a plane. Nevertheless, there are numerous strange things among these inventions that have not found users’ support. Below are listed 20 inventions that the majority would not even figure out how to use. Prior