20 Crazy Inventions Of The Past That Leave Only One Question – Why?

  The 20th century has brought a lot of inventions that turned upside down our lives: a television, a computer or a plane. Nevertheless, there are numerous strange things among these inventions that have not found users’ support. Below are listed 20 inventions that the majority would not even figure out how to use. Prior

15 Vintage Celebrity Selfies You’ve Never Seen Before

Frank Sinatra, 1930 Madonna, 1982 Marilyn Monroe, 1962 Robert Cornelius, 1839 US President John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Kennedy, 1954 Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain, 1992 George Harrison, 1966 Jeff Bridges & Sam Elliott, 1997 Neil Armstrong, 1969 Princess Anastasia, 1914 Paul McCartney, 1959 John Lennon, 1967 Michael Jackson, 1996 Colin Powell, 1954 Joseph Byron,