Busy life of Japanese people by Hiro Goto (50+ photos)

Hiro Goto is photographer from Tokyo, he captures the busy life of Japanese people who are always in a hurry by showing the lively vibe around the city at the same time. Hiro Goto’s photography explores Japan, leading to a profound discovery of history and culture seamlessly blended with modern technology and design.

The ballerina project by Dane Shitagi (33 photos)

Dane Shitagi is a New York City-based photographer. Originally from Honolulu, Dane had dreams of becoming a photographer from a very young age and soon began to work professionally in photography at the age of 15. He moved to New York in 1996, taking inspiration from the sights & sounds of the city as well

27 The Best Drone Photographs of 2017..

Drones have allowed photographers to explore perspectives previously only available to those with access to airplanes and helicopters. Their relative ease of use and increasingly cheaper costs have revolutionized photography for professionals and amateurs alike. Below there are works of © SkyPixel Photo Contest aerial photography contest winners of 2017.