The UK Underground Scene by Harry Conway (30+ photos)

Harry F. Conway is a London born photographer, based in the capital. Having graduated in BA (Hons) Photography at the London College of Communication, Harry is working freelance and looking to work on more long-term projects as well as continuing to expand on his style of portraiture.

Genevieve Naylor in Brazil (1940-1943) (20+ photos)

In 1940, 25-year-old Genevieve Naylor, who had recently become one of the first female photographers hired by the Associated Press, received an assignment from the U.S. State Department to travel to Brazil. With the war between the Axis and Allied powers expanding into a truly global conflict, the State Department’s Office of Inter-American Affairs was

Hassan Hajjaj’s All-Girl Moroccan Biker Gang (10 photos)

Photographer Hassan Hajjaj‘s latest project focuses on the sub culture of young women bikers from Marrakesh. Titled the “Kesh Angels”, he created striking images of groups of women wearing colorful veils and djellabah straddling worn scooters and motorbikes. They represent something quite traditional, yet also astoundingly subversive and daring. The women all hold strong poses,

Dolls And Masks by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (26 photos)

Meatyard was born in Normal, Illinois and raised in the nearby town of Bloomington, Illinois. When he turned 18 during World War II, he joined the Navy. The war ended before he received any overseas assignments. After being mustered out, he briefly studied Pre-Dentistry, then turned his studies to becoming an optician. After his marriage,

The Beauty Of Female Body By Spanish Photographer Carlota Guerrero (50+ photos)

Carlota Guerrero is a photographer and art director based in Barcelona who works on personal and commissioned projects. Whether shooting intimate portraits, wild landscapes or the simple objects of everyday life, Guerrero’s photos are characterized by their focus on balance, moody light, femininity and what she terms ‘the animals inside us’. Speaking of her photographic

Female Portrait Photography by Daria Klepikova (10 photos)

Fabulous female portraits by Daria Klepikova, a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, and artist currently based in Moscow, Russia. Daria focuses on portraiture and traveling. She shoots marvelous street style, fashion, nude, and lifestyle portrait photography. She has over 54.700 followers on Instagram and counting.

Dark Photography Of Nona Limmen (30+ photos)

NONA LIMMEN (28) is an Amsterdam based photographer and artist, born august 15th 1986 in the Netherlands. She likes to spend most of her time traveling, discovering and creating. While living in an ongoing and inspiring capital, she always seizes the opportunity of spending most of her time in the soothing dunes and woods of