Teens of the 90’s in Their Bedrooms (16 photos)

Adrienne Salinger was the one to shoot American teenagers of 1990’s in their bedrooms. This vintage series allows to take a glance at stylish 90’s trends. Salinger’s idea was to picture the youth in privacy of their rooms, in houses of their parents. They are surrounded by all their personal belongings, depicting adolescence as the

35 Recently Published Photographs from National Geographic Archives

  National Geographic is known for their photo project existing for many years when readers send photos from all over the world with incredible places, amusing animals and simply beautiful things. Recently NatGeo celebrated 125 years of existence and came across an archive of unpublished photos which did not make it through the sorting, they

Rare Unseen Beatles Photos by Henry Grossman (29 Photos)

A photographer – Henry Grossman has spent with the band 4 years, that eventually ended up with the pile of 6000 colorful photos that were not available to the public until recent. There has not been a day without a good photo and some of them are listed below.

20 Easy Hacks How To Make Your Instagram Likes’ Numbers To Skyrocket

  If you have camera, free time and patience you can easily make your photos look more professional. Sophisticated effects can be done without any editing software and equipment can be replaced with things you have around. This collection of photo hacks will make life of photography lovers, instagrammers and all those who knows how