”Dressed in Light”: Fine Art Photo Series by Dani Olivier (50 images)

A French photographer Dani Olivier uses the female body as a projection surface that displays intricate light patterns and images. Olivier’s pictures stand out because he refuses to edit the original photos. Thus, he creates his pictures at the time of the shoots with no chance of changing anything afterwards. All pictures are taken in

Haunting female portraits by Haris Nukem (40+ images)

Photographer, Haris Nukem`s, artistic vulnerability and authenticity is downright enrapturing. The UK based deeply unguarded savage behind the camera pours his heart, mind, and soul into capturing deep feelings of intimacy and affection that may inspire an individual to question the notions of what is truly meant to be left behind closed doors. I touched

TIME Person of the Year: see every cover since 1927…

The first issue of the Person of the Year was published in 1927. The magazine chose Charles Lindbergh because he was the fist person to fly a plane on his own on a direct course from New York to Paris with no stops in between. Today that may seem an easy feat, but back then

Berlin 1961 by LIFE Photographer Paul Schutzer (50+ photos)

In the early 1960s, LIFE magazine’s photographer Paul Schutzer chronicled the construction of the Berlin Wall and, once it was built, its effect on residents living in the newly divided city. Paul Schutzer (1930 – 5 June 1967) was a photojournalist for Life magazine, famous for his “The Blunt Reality of the War in Vietnam”