Magnificent Cosplay Photography by Paul Hillier (15 photos)

The magnificent cosplay photography of Paul Hillier, a professional photographer working in the publishing, editorial and fashion industry. Paul Hillier is currently based in Toronto, Canada and works worldwide producing amazing cosplay photographs at conventions and private photoshoots.            

Striking Underwater Photography by Ben Hicks (10 photos)

Ben Hicks is a talented photographer, filmmaker, scuba diver, and artist currently based in South Florida, USA. Ben has journeyed across the Americas and ventured to exotic locales spanning the globe to compose a profoundly diverse collection of fine-art photography that truly captures the majestic beauty of the natural world. He has over 91.500 followers

Dutch fashion in Moscow, 1965. (15 photos)

Paul Huf (1924-2002) was an iconic Dutch photographer. He started his career in 1946 at the “Comedia theater company”. In the Fifties, he became famous thanks to his portraits of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands and Prince Bernhard. He also shot advertisings and fashion photos particularly with the model Ann Pickford. source

Ordinary women repeated the provocative Jennifer Lopez photo

The beautiful Jennifer Lopez, choosing to release a very revealing dress that showed the world that in 49 years you can have a excellent body. But the pop diva uses expensive resources to care for the body and can afford the best fitness trainer. A look like ordinary women in 49 years in the same

Why do we love cats so much? (50+ photos)

Every pet owner loves to take a lot of pictures of their precious animals. It seems like anyone with a dog or a cat has a huge collection of photos showing off their four-legged pride and joy. And candid pictures of animals are usually pretty amusing.

The Beauty Of Ballet Dancers By Irina Yakovleva (40+ photos)

Gorgeous ballet portraits by Irina Yakovleva, a gifted photographer, artist and choreograph currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Yakovleva focuses mainly on portraiture and dance photography. She wants to show the Classic Ballet world from within. Ira captures the movement of the ballet dancers in all their detail.

Beauty Portrait Photography By Alexey Polskiy (40+ photos)

Marvelous female portraits by Alexey Polskiy, a talented 31-year-old self-taught photographer, and retoucher currently based in Moscow, Russia. Alexey focuses on lifestyle and portrait photography. He shoots awesome beauty, street style, fashion, and outdoor portrait photography.

Fascinating Manipulations by Christophe Huet (30+ photos)

Christophe Huet composites computer generated art and photography in order to melt the barrier between waking life and the dream world within his wonderfully surreal advertisements. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, but also some for Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation….