Kamchatka Brown Bears by Sergey Gorshkov (16 photos)

Kamchatka, a peninsula located in the Russian Far East, is a fascinating land. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, filled with volcanoes, its subarctic temperatures have piqued the interest of explorers since the 17th century. But it was Kamchatka’s population of brown bears—one of the densest in the world—that attracted wildlife

Vibrant Fashion Photography by Ilya Blinov (20 photos)

Ilya Blinov is a multi-talented self-taught photographer and digital artist currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Ilya studied Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni, located in Milano. Blinov focuses on portraiture, he shoots amazing beauty, lifestyle, commercial and fashion photography.

Water Woman: Underwater photography by Zea Holloway (15 photos)

Photographer Zena Holloway works almost exclusively underwater. She combines the highly technical aspects of working in water with unique creative direction that delivers audiences to a breathtaking aquatic realm. Her underwater aesthetic causes us to question everything we know about water. More: Zena Holloway

Beautiful Portrait Photography by Mark Del Mar (20 photos)

Mark Del Mar is a portrait and travel photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. “I was raised on an island in the Pacific called Kwajalein and I spent a lot of time in and around the ocean. During the summers and winters, I traveled to the U.S. or The Philippines before enlisting in the military after

Jungbauernkalender 2019 (12 photos)

A dozen beautiful ladies, 6 representing Bavaria and 6 representing Austria, took part in the creation of the Young Farmers Calendar for 2019 (Jungbauernkalender 2019). According to The Daily Star, the goal of the photoshoot, reportedly inspired by comic book superheroes, was to celebrate Germany and Austria’s “farming heroes” and to raise awareness about the