Beginning of New York Hip-Hop Culture (17 photos)

Jamel Shabazz born in the 60s, since the age of 15 started to capture African American community life of his native Brooklyn. His lively photoworks depict New York street energy, times of fight for civil rights, Vietnam War protests, as well as first street art, graffiti and hip-hop culture. He documented his generation, their social

Rich American Tourists Taking a Cuban Cruise in 1954 (21 photos)

Pre embargo Cuba used to be fun fair and delicious holiday destination for rich American tourists – and they knew how to travel in style indeed! Heinrich Heidersberger , German photographer, took colorful shoots of wealthy fashionistas enjoing leisure life under the generous sun of the Carribean island. It happened during his Cuban cruise in

Weird World through Elif Biradli’s Eyes (11 photos)

A word weird would stand well for the art world of Elif Biradli, Turkish artist based in Istanbul, who invites us to look at life through the eyes of surrealism and black humor. Biradli points out disturbing subjects of fear, passion of life peak moments – birth, regeneration, playing with human body and objects.. Take