10 First Ladies That Have Outshined Their Husbands

  First Ladies are always on public, they have to look perfect and serve as role models for everyone in social activities, family or fashion. Some are better at this than others. Below we can see a result of when charm, intelligence, style and a strong character are met in one woman. Jacqueline Kennedy, the

Rare Unseen Beatles Photos by Henry Grossman (29 Photos)

A photographer – Henry Grossman has spent with the band 4 years, that eventually ended up with the pile of 6000 colorful photos that were not available to the public until recent. There has not been a day without a good photo and some of them are listed below.

Famous People Who Used To Be Cheerleaders (40 Photos)

  Cheer-leading is one of the US national features for the rest of the world, therefore it is only normal to be a part of a cheer-leading team in school. Celebrities used to have more or less ordinary lives and are no exception in regards to the cheer-leading. Sandra Bullock Image via: ©2017 CelebrityYearBooks