15 Huge Supercomputers That Were Less Powerful Than Your Smartphone

15. ENIAC There’s no contest when comparing a smartphone to the first-generation ENIAC (Electronic Numeral Integrator And Computer), which was developed in 1949 and used to compute firing tables for the missile range at White Sands, New Mexico. Some even argue that it’s not a supercomputer, other than its size—ENIAC took up 15,000 square feet

20 Inventions That Killed Their Inventors

20. JIM FIXX – RAN HIMSELF TO DEATH After Jim Fixx wrote “The Complete Book of Running” in 1977, he started a craze that still hasn’t faded away. While he didn’t invent running itself, Fixx is credited with starting the fitness revolution in America, and he’s known for making recreational running popular. He often extolled

Animals Loving Autumn (40 photos)

Animals are extremely tuned in to their environment, especially considering they live outside. While you can hide away from the falling leaves beneath the shade of your roof, animals must work with environmental changes to continue thriving. These adorable animals don’t seem to mind the changes that come each fall one bit, instead they appear

Incredibly Cute Penguins (33 Photos)

For people who are animal penguin lovers, besides Tux lovers, here are the tuxedo-wearing waddlers that dwell primarily in Antarctica. While penguins don’t fly, they can spend as much as 75% of their time at sea. All penguins give birth to their chicks on land or on sea ice. Because penguins so incredibly cute, they

Gorgeous Glasswing Butterflies (33 photos)

Nature has better tricks than Photoshop, as these translucent Greta oto glasswing butterflies illustrate. The glasswing butterfly is most commonly found from Central to South America as far south as Chile, with appearances as north as Mexico and Texas. This butterfly thrives in the tropical conditions of the rainforests in the Central and South American

Most Beautiful Women Police Force In The World (20 photos)

When you say the word police officer the first thing your mind jumps to is a male. However, there are plenty of talented and courageous police woman. Being a cop is no longer just a job for the men in the world, and in our opinion women look a lot better in that uniform. Here

Disturbingly Real Shooting Targets Sold In The US (8 pics)

For those who are not regulars at their local gun club, you might be surprised to know that shooting targets aren’t all the classic bullseye or silhouetted portrait. No, some of them are much more realistic, as the Amsterdam-based magazine Useful Photography has pointed out. The publication collects everyday images, and for issue 11 depicts

Top 10 Real Life Cases of Feral Children..

Many people might be surprised to discover that there are real life people who exist in the wild among animals and nature. Tarzan and Mowgli stories are not just the stuff of fiction. Throughout the last 200 years that have been many reported cases of people growing up with animals. These individuals have been discovered,