Most Absurd Clothing.. (40 photos)

The whole idea of buying a piece of clothing is that it will serve an important function in your life — so why are there so many that do nothing but baffle the mind? Check out these ridiculous clothing items that will leave you feeling a little less smart:

Restaurants That Went Too Far With Food Serving (40 photos)

No wonder modern restaurants are trying to come up with new ideas! But when it comes to the hipster culture, it’s hard to get things right. One wrong move and you become a laughing stock instead of a cool trend-setter. This is exactly what happened to some of the restaurants below. From serving coffee in

40 Weirdest Laws In America…

Olivia Locher was born in 1990 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She has resided in Manhattan, NYC since 2009. Locher is known for her sarcastic approach to studio photography with a heavy focus on color and concept. Her photographs are grounded in dreamlands and consciousness, while Olivia herself is generally dreaming. “I found out there wasn’t a