Provocative Messages of Waldemar Von Kazak (20 pics)

Illustrations of Russian artist Waldemar von Kazak are inspired by mid 20th-century media art, pin-ups and eternal subjects, such as relationship between men & women and social troubles. Von Kazak shares memory from his childhood, when he got trauma from a swing: “I began to draw after unsuccessful contact with a Large iron swing when

You won’t believe these books really exist… (12 pics)

You won’t believe these books really exist, and would be for sure curious what these might be about. Implausible cover images fit with ridiculous titles – what a perfect combination! Themes of the books are also quite entertaining, for example, how wrong it is to eat people, computer programs for the kitchen, armed robbery, kid

Classic Art spiced up by Modern Fashion Brands (18 photos)

If classic art images seem sometimes rather old fashioned to you, Chris Rellas, was the one to bring them a fresher look by modern fashion items. Instagram account of Chris @copylab has been popular for the comical content since the time of his studies in Georgetown University. For example, he added an iPhone to the