Hilarious Hairstyles From The ’80s (30 photos)

Get ready for the best throwback you’ll see all week, because we’re traveling way, way back to the 1980s — a glorious decade of innovations when Walkmans let us listen to our fave mix tapes on the go, Nintendos let us play in virtual worlds and our steady supply of Aqua Net let us craft

Funny Vintage Postcards That Show Inappropriate Behavior Of Men (20 pics)

In the early decades of 20th century people usually send sleazy cartoon postcards while on vacations. In the early 1930s, cartoon-style saucy postcards were very popular and they reached a massive 16m a year. They were often tacky in nature making use of innuendo and traditionally featured stereotypical characters such as priests, large ladies and

Horror Cake Art by Andrew Fuller, the ‘King of Halloween’ (22 photos)

Andrew Fuller, going by Guy Meets Cake on Instagram, is an American cake artist based in Des Moines, Iowa. Andrew Fuller is a cake sculptor, horror fan, and “believer that every day is Halloween.” He recently made an especially terrifying pie inspired by serial killer Ed Gein, who was infamous making clothing and furniture out

The Fantasy Coffins of Ghana (22 photos)

Imagine a funeral in which the polished mahogany coffin is replaced by a whimsical wood-carved sculpture. Imagine a last farewell not accompanied by uncontrollable sobs but by celebration. Imagine a journey to the other side with style. Now stop imagining, because the Ga people in coastal Ghana believe when people die they should be sent