15 Extinct Professions of the Past Which Are Gone Today

  Technological development usually makes our lives easier eliminating human intervention in many fields, but in the same time it is taking away someone’s job, sometimes even forever. Therefore we have listed below 15 jobs that were taken away by the technology. Knocker-uppers We all set alarms on our smartphones, those who trust technology less

Princess Diana (24 facts and photos)

  It’s been already 20 years since Diana is not among us, but many memories are left in people’s hearts and even more in photos. Diana was the the youngest child in the family, she was born on the 1st of July in 1961. Back then her parents were Viscount and Viscountess Althorp.   Unfortunately

20 Most Creative Android Apps (According to Google)

  Google has aired new service called – Android Experiments. Website where the most creative Android apps are listed. Android Experiments is analogue for Chrome Experiments that was aired in 2009. On the website users can demonstrate their created apps on Android platform. In order to participate in the project, developed service has to apply

29 Hollywood Kisses That Have Stolen The Show

  All images listed in the post credit: ©EVERETT COLLECTION Hollywood serves us examples of the most romantic kisses which lift butterflies in one crazy dance. Well played or real, chemistry between the actors have been and still is an inspiration starting with the “Gone with the wind” up to the “Titanic”. Down below are

7 Silly Ideas That Made People Ridiculously Rich

    1. Million Dollar Homepage Given: 1 000 000 pixels Result: One pixel per dollar Possibly one of the most silliest ideas in online business, nevertheless 21 years old Alex Tew became a millionaire by selling every pixel of his homepage.

8 Strangest And Funniest Guinness Records

  People are ready to do everything for fame. To conquer the space, make crazy jumps into abyss, builds mind-blowing career, climbs inaccessible mountains. For some fame becomes a goal of life no matter what. 61 years ago, August 1955, the first Guinness book was issued. The order was made by Irish brewery “Guinness”. Already

Cut! Last Shot: 12 Actors Who Died on Set…

There were quite a number of tragic cases in the history of cinematography connected to actors` death. Let’s take a look at last shots of well-known actors that have died on the set. Image via:Chattanoogaradiotv

15 Most Inhuman and Frightening Scientific Experiments in the History

Scientific experiments are intended to expand already existing knowledge. Nevertheless, as history shows these experiments are exceeding accepted boundaries. Unethical and suspicious methods are not always saving lives, lots of failures that are causing deaths are not brought to public’ attention. Below are listed 15 experiments performed in the sake of science.