1910s-2010s: 100 Years of Beauty Standards…

  Even though it’s said that everyone has its own beauty there always will be a standard that is considered the one and only. Development does not stay at one place for long therefore changes everything around us as well. Same happens with beauty standards that sometimes are changing too fast to grasp.

10 First Ladies That Have Outshined Their Husbands

  First Ladies are always on public, they have to look perfect and serve as role models for everyone in social activities, family or fashion. Some are better at this than others. Below we can see a result of when charm, intelligence, style and a strong character are met in one woman. Jacqueline Kennedy, the

6 Oldest Organisms On The Verge Of Extinction…

  Rachel Sussman made photo series of organisms that are populating our planet the longest among all living. Rachel traveled around the world taking pictures in desserts, the middle of oceans to capture the oldest and rarest organisms. It is worth to scroll through as out of total 30 organisms she found two have ceased

15 Extinct Professions of the Past Which Are Gone Today

  Technological development usually makes our lives easier eliminating human intervention in many fields, but in the same time it is taking away someone’s job, sometimes even forever. Therefore we have listed below 15 jobs that were taken away by the technology. Knocker-uppers We all set alarms on our smartphones, those who trust technology less

Princess Diana (24 facts and photos)

  It’s been already 20 years since Diana is not among us, but many memories are left in people’s hearts and even more in photos. Diana was the the youngest child in the family, she was born on the 1st of July in 1961. Back then her parents were Viscount and Viscountess Althorp.   Unfortunately