Opening King Tut’s Tomb

November 26th 1922. When the broken lid of the golden sarcophagus of King Tut in his tomb was slowly lifted away from its base using an elaborate pulley system, there was an audible gasp from the crowd of dignitaries who had assembled for this very event. What they found, underneath two sheets of linen, was

The earliest known photographs of 15 great cities across the world.

Photograph of Paris in 1839 was made by Louis Daguerre on the boulevard du Temple. There is a shoe shiner in the left-hand corner. This is one of the oldest photographs, where people are depicted. Today photographers travel around the world, making the photographs in the beloved cities. However, there was a time, when photographs

15 Crazy Secrets J.K. Rowling Has Revealed About Harry Potter…

Popularity and love of fans to the universe of Harry Potter is immense. Millions of people all over the world look forward to any new bit of information about the favourite Potterverse, seek for any additions, wait for answers to their questions and anything more, that would keep the spirit of the magic series alive,

15 Victims Who Fell In Love With Their Kidnapper…

Human psychology is an immense and never ending, surprising field for research. And one of most intriguing and bizarre parts of it is the psychology of kidnapping victims. Kidnapping is an act of abducting someone and holding them captive, and obviously is one of the hardest crimes that people can commit. Captives lose their freedom,

North Korea vs. South Korea: The Face of Dictatorship (10 images)

Jacob Laukaitis, Lithuania native, is a famous travel blogger who visited more than 50 countries at the age of 22. He writes about the countries he travels to around the globe and one his biggest challenge was to take pictures of North Korea and South Korea, which used to be one whole country, but since

15 Creepiest Places on Google Street View…

You can be on your couch and Google Street View will give you insights into where you have not been to, and the chance to visit those places. I mean horrible places such as deserted cities, abandoned military base, regions where tens of thousands of people were killed mercilessly, places that were once flourishing but

15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

People are mesmerized with time, especially with future and past. Time capsules can be one of the most remarkable ways to speak directly to future generations across the time. People put valuable items that represent their times or significant historical landmarks and hide them in containers beneath the ground to be opened someday in future.

15 Fake photos that virally fooled millions of people…

Sensational and astonishing news and pictures that are blowing your mind? Super popular, surprising and astonishing, virulently spread all over social media, internet, shared by friends… getting so much attention and discussed all over. We are used to believe in everything that is written or posted in media. However, often there are no other evidences