30+ real-life Steampunk examples

Having gained notoriety just in the 1980s, the Steampunk movement is still quite young as an art genre. In short, its aim is to transfer modern world items and concepts to the looks and aesthetics of the Victorian era. The result is nothing short of extraordinary. Appealing retro versions of pieces of our reality rendered

14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records

It’s obvious. Every historical disaster ought to get some media coverage. How on earth can a catastrophic event that leaves people seriously injured physically and mentally not make the news? Such instances happen quite often though. Social media has played a critical role in proving how difficult it is for some news to go viral

The Dionne Quintuplets Who Spent Their Childhood In A Zoo..

On May 28, 1934 in Canada in the province of Ontario, Mrs. Dionne gives birth to five little girls. Born two months in advance, all survived miraculously, experienced immediate popularity but were victims of commercial exploitation. The five Dionne sisters are Annette, Cecile, Yvonne, Marie and Émilie. They are born in the village of Corbeil

Top 10 most dangerous biker gangs in the USA..

Have you ever heard of motorcycle gangs in the United States? Beyond the cliché of the beefy biker tattooed, dressed in leather, inconvenient and with a huge mustache, what are these bands actually and are they necessarily related to crime? Although Americans have long parodied, caricatured or exaggerated the biker culture with such literary productions

The 12 most expensive paintings in the history of humanity..

The world of art inspires, encourages and stimulates creativity. Art is an incredible way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions… There are many experienced artists or painters who have shown their charismatic creations in unforgettable and unmissable ways. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci etc. are the names that are written with golden

Top 10 hidden treasures in the world that remain to be discovered

There are still treasures that can make your fortune. Here are 10, who have not been discovered. Myths or reality? We do not care. We keep the possible clues for us. Not stingy, strategists, nuance. Yeah, we are like that. 1. The Eldorado: mythical land of South America, no one really knows its geographical location.

The Boogel Woogel-2018 Summerish Alpine Festival in Sochi (18 photos)

Approximately 1,800 participants in swimsuits, bikinis, and shorts were schussing on skis and snowboards, intending to shatter the Guinness world record. The Boogel Woogel-2018 Summerish Alpine Festival in Sochi, Russia is one of the most entertaining sporting events with a dozen unusual sports in the program, including an unusual way of sliding down a mountain.

Why do the Greek statues have such small penis?..

Art evolving constantly, some details of ancient works now appear to us singular. This is the case, for example, of the size of the male genitals, almost systematically represented, in ancient Greek art, disproportionately small. Many statues, paintings and other works, often represent the man to his disadvantage, anatomically speaking. Because from ancient Greece to