15 Dramatic Photos Taken Before History’s Famous Tragedies

This world isn’t always a safe place, and a peaceful image can be changed by a disaster in no time.. These are 15 Photos taken right Before some of History’s Greatest Incidents & Tragedies – tickling our nerves, collected from various periods in time, from diverse locations – from roaring Niagara Falls and freezing Everest

Nuclear Tourism In Las Vegas of the 50s (13 pics)

It was in Vegas, where the nuclear bomb used to be a hit among special type of people – Nuclear Tourists. In the end of World War 2 the USA suddenly made the nuclear bomb so devastatingly famous… In the 1950s the States made over 900 nuclear tests in the Nevada Desert lasting over 40

9 Weird Things Parents Did to Kids in the Past…

Oil cleaning Toddlers used to be cleaned with oil. Underage drinking During the middle ages when it was not safe to drink water, everyone used beer as the water replacement, even for babies. Underage drinking Vol.2 During the 18th century water and milk was considered contaminated in England, therefore they all turned to gin. Eliminate