Vintage TVs with magnifying lenses, 1948, by LIFE (20+ photos)

These TV screen magnifying lens had their heyday in the 1940s and 1950s during the early years of television. They were sold by companies to fit screens that ran from 3″ to 12″ in diameter. They allowed for various ways of attachment to your black and white TV set: from the top, sides and bottom,

Opening King Tut’s Tomb (read the full story behind the photo…

November 26th 1922. When the broken lid of the golden sarcophagus of King Tut in his tomb was slowly lifted away from its base using an elaborate pulley system, there was an audible gasp from the crowd of dignitaries who had assembled for this very event. What they found, underneath two sheets of linen, was

The earliest known photographs of 15 great cities across the world.

Photograph of Paris in 1839 was made by Louis Daguerre on the boulevard du Temple. There is a shoe shiner in the left-hand corner. This is one of the oldest photographs, where people are depicted. Today photographers travel around the world, making the photographs in the beloved cities. However, there was a time, when photographs