“Lilliput series”: The Secret Life of Giants in the Cities (30+ images)

Hakan Keleş, an architect and illustrator from Turkey, started to draw giant characters on pictures of streets that he took with his smartphone. He named it “Lilliput series”, based on the novel Gulliver’s Travels: A Voyage to Lilliput. Some of his drawings are influenced by real people, some are monsters and others are comical. Check

Colourful Klimt-esque art works by Iris Scott (25 images)

Iris Scott was born in 1984 near Seattle, WA. Iris now lives in Brooklyn New York where she is a full time artist. In 2010 Iris changed finger-painting forever when she began to treat the technique with the seriousness it deserved. The young artist’s career exploded as she discovered the advantages finger painting lent, soon

Stunning Graffiti and Mural Art Works by Inti Castro (20+ pics)

Inti Castro is a graffiti artist and muralist born in the port city of Valparaíso, Chile. His name, translated into Incan means ‘Sun’. He began painting walls at around the age of thirteen and has not stopped since. Today he is one of the most recognized street artists globally. He usually paints murals on a

Mona Lisa: the history of theft and vandalism…

On 21 August 1911, the painting was stolen from the Louvre. The theft was not discovered until the next day, when painter Louis Béroud walked into the museum and went to the Salon Carré where the Mona Lisa had been on display for five years, only to find four iron pegs on the wall. Béroud

Sculptures with missing pieces by Bruno Catalano (20 photos)

Bruno Catalano is a French sculptor, most renown for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing. Bruno Catalano exhibited his works in the Parisian gallery Médicis and in international galleries Bartoux. Currently, Bruno Catalano and his works are internationally recognized. His works are exhibited worldwide, from China to Belgium, via Spain, the US and

Paul Klee – Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism…

Paul Klee, 1879 – 1940, was a Swiss German artist. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually deeply explored color theory, writing about it extensively; Klee worked in many different media—oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastel, etching,

20+ Amazing 3D Tattoo Pictures…

Tattoo art mastery has advanced to the point where tattoo artists can create convincing and sometimes even photo-realistic optical illusions on their clients’ skin. The tattoos in this list are just a few of the ingenious tattoos out there that seem to twist and bend on the wearer’s skin.

Wet Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Carole Feuerman (20+ photos)

Carole A. Feuerman is an American sculptor and artist working in Hyperrealism, a movement that began in the 1970s in relation to photorealist painting. Feuerman utilizes a variety of media including resin, marble, and bronze. She has been included in exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery; the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg,