Beautiful Kodachrome slides of vintage New York, 1940s-1960s (16 photos)


1944 NYC

1953 New York Harbor

1955 Jane Russell in Underwater presented by Howard Hughes

1962 McGinnis Restaurant Tango Palace and Cobbs 48th and Br

1962 Port Arthur Restaurant NYC

1965 Camel Cigarette Billboard sign near Times Square NYC

1965 NYC RKO PALACE 46th and 7th Ave Signs

Broadway and 49th St 1955 NY

Broadway looking North from 50th Street 1962 NY

Century Candy Delivery Truck and Pennsylvania Station 1962

New York and old cars 1941

New York City Bonds Building 6th and Broadway 1978 Sept 15

NYC 7th Ave and Broadway 1955 March 13

PUSSYCAT THEATER 1970S on Broadway at Night NY

Queens NY Drug store and snow covered car 1961

Radio city music hall NYC Mar 13, 1955