Amazing illustrations by Ricardo Martinez (30 images )


Ricardo Martinez, born: 1956 Santiago, Chile of Spanish immigrant Parents. He moved to Spain (Madrid) with his family in May 1969. Ricardo began his professional career towards the end of the seventies. Soon he was creating illustrations for publications, advertising agencies, and comic books. From then until now, Ricardo has been both the writer and artist for his regular political cartoon. While at El Mundo, he has worked freelance illustrations for Coca Cola, Madrid City Hall, Telefonica, UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Renault, among others. Among the celebrities that own Ricardo’s drawings are Kofi Anaan, Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, Bill Clinton, Juan Antonio Samaranch. Museums that own Ricardo’s drawings are the Lausanne Olympic Museum, The National Library of Madrid, the Museo de Dibujo del Castillo de Larrés, and the Bill Clinton Library. Ricardo has won many awards, 8 gold and a “Judge’s Special Recognition” from the Society of Newspaper Design, for his illustrations on the Sunday Op/Ed pages that he did for The Miami Herald and El Mundo. He also received the International Press Award given to him by Kofi Annan, the prestigious Madrid Premio Tono awarded to him by the Mayor of Madrid, The Haxtur Award in Gijón, Spain Comic Festival, the “Gat Perich” given by the editors of newspapers in Barcelona. source: Ricardo Martinez