6 Oldest Organisms On The Verge Of Extinction…



Rachel Sussman made photo series of organisms that are populating our planet the longest among all living.


Rachel traveled around the world taking pictures in desserts, the middle of oceans to capture the oldest and rarest organisms. It is worth to scroll through as out of total 30 organisms she found two have ceased to exist within last 5 years and the guilt is on humans’ shoulders.


Underground Baobab Forest in South Africa unfortunately no longer can be found or seen after populating our planet for 13000 years.



Antarctic Moss in Antarctica situated on the Elephant Island and is more than 5000 years old.



Flowering plant, also known as La Llareta according to different sources is around 3000 years old, located in the Atacama Desert.



Japanese cedar in Yakushima, Japan, opinions about the age differ a lot in regards to this plant, starting from 2180 years and up to 7000.



Spruce Gran Picea takes its roots 9550 years back and is located in Sweden.



Welwitschia Mirabilis can be found in the Namibian dessert Naukluft and is 2000 years old.