40 Weirdest Laws In America…


Olivia Locher was born in 1990 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She has resided in Manhattan, NYC since 2009. Locher is known for her sarcastic approach to studio photography with a heavy focus on color and concept.
Her photographs are grounded in dreamlands and consciousness, while Olivia herself is generally dreaming.
“I found out there wasn’t a shortage of bizarre laws,” the photographer recalled, so she created these series of photos

In Alabama, It Is Illegal To Have An Ice-Cream Cone In Your Back Pocket

In Pennsylvania, It’s Illegal To Tie A Dollar Bill To A String And Pull It Away When Someone Tries To Pick It Up

In Minnesota A Person May Not Cross State Lines With A Bird Atop His Head

In Arizona, You May Not Have More Than Two Dildos In A House