20+ Actors Vs. The Historic People They Played…


Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens in The Invisible Woman

Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman in Man On The Moon

Joaquin Phoenix/ Johnny Cash

Will Smith As Muhammad Ali

Colin Firth as King George VI in The King’s Speech

Nicole Kidman As Virginia Woolf

Benedict Cumberbatch As Stephen Hawking In “hawking”

James Franco As Allen Ginsberg In Howl

Peter O’toole As Lawrence Of Arabia

John Goodman As Babe Ruth

Ian Curtis As Sam Riley (joy Divivsion) In Control

OĢscar Janeada As Cantinflas In Cantinflas.

Bill Hader As Andy Warhol

Gary Busey As Buddy Holly

Vincent D’onofrio As Orson Welles

Jessica Schwarz As Romy Schneider In Romy

Clive Owen As Andrew Hannon In Croupier

Steve Carell As John Du Pony