17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sharon Tate…



There is no doubt that Sharon Tate’s murder was one of the cruelest murders that Americans could have ever known about. When she died, Sharon was a truly remarkable and stunning woman. She had had a very successful acting career. Tate was also known as being a wonderful mother to her children. Her legacy is outstanding. We have put together as many facts as we can as we remember the intriguing life she once had. Here they are for you.


Tate’s father was one who got out and about a lot. Because of this, she and her family had no choice but to move around regularly. Her father was involved in the United States Military and was the very popular colonel.
Sharon completed her schooling years in Italy. She was awarded the title of Prom Queen at the end of it all.


Tate’s acted in a show called Don’t Make Waves. It is this that brought about Malibu Barbie.
Sharon loved and always used the popular bath product called Milk and Pearls. She has a sibling named Debra who has been using her last bottle of this product.


Viewers of The Beverley Hillibillies would have seen Tate act in this fantastic show. However, most would not have known who she was because she was made to wear a black wig.


Thea Porter, Dior and Pucci were clothing brands that Sharon frequently wore. She loved these brands.


Sharon once dated Jay Sebring. It was he who taught her how to cut her own hair and other people’s hair. Jay is known for cutting and styling men’s hair. Sadly, Jay was also murdered at the same time as Sharon. It was the Mason family who did this to both of them.


Sharon’s future husband, Roman Polanski, didn’t want to cast her in the film The Fearless Vampire Killers at first. It wasn’t until he played a prank on her that he decided that she should have the part.

Sharon's clothing sizes were either a size two or a size six. Her shoe size was six and a half.

Sharon’s clothing sizes were either a size two or a size six. Her shoe size was six and a half.


The well known Elizabeth Taylor had to take Tate out of one of the movies she had been involved with. This is because she thought Sharon would become far more popular than what she was at the time.


As Don’t Make Waves was being filmed, Sharon came very close to dying. As she was parachuting, her harness decided to suddenly give way. Tate ended up jumping out of the plane and landed into a swimming pool. The whole pool was covered by the parachute. As a result of this, Tate struggled to get herself out of it.


Tate hardly ever wore make up. Vaseline was about the only thing she wore.


Hatami was Sharon’s personal photographer. It was he who was able to provide a lot of evidence when it came to solving her murder.


When Tate married Roman, they had their reception at the Playboy Club in London. This took place in 1968.


Tate was a smoker. But she kept this to herself and Roman. Roman did not approve of this so she did all she could to keep it away from him.


The Valley of the Dolls is Sharon’s most well known acting role. Many people enjoyed her acting in this movie.


Roman had been away at the time of Sharon’s murder. This took place on the 9th of August in 1969. She was murdered in the house she and Roman owned together. Roman may have been away at the time, but she had four other friends with her at the time. They too were also murdered.


Sharon had been pregnant for eight months at the time of her murder.


She was constantly called one of the world’s most beautiful women, but she saw things differently saying: “I think I’m the most unsexy thing that ever was. I’m open for everything of course, but I’m certainly not aware of being sexy.”