15 World’s Most Mysterious Photographs and the False Stories Behind Them


12. The 9/11 Tourist

Just some days after the 9/11 event occurred, a photograph hit the public revealing a tourist standing at the top of the twin towers posing in the front of a camera with a plane flying in his direction seconds prior to the tragedy. This photo grew very popular and people somehow believed it considering that it was said that after the tragedy, a camera was discovered with the photo shot although the tourist couldn’t be recognized. In the November of 2001, however, Jose Roberto Penteado a man from Brazil come out and claimed that he was the guy in the picture. He grew very popular and quite quickly as it was expected. However, his popularity didn’t last long as the real guy behind the photo, a Hungary resident identified himself and provided backup to his claims. He claimed that he photoshopped the plane from a photo which was shot in 1997 in New York. He simply wanted to use it prank his friends.